Safety & Justice Toolkit

safety & justice - downloadable pdf

Safety & justice - hardcopy

Safety & Justice - editable pdf

SAFETY & JUSTICE - ISsue guide in brief

Starter Video

Moderator Resources 

Probing Deeper Deliberation in Safety and Justice Forums: a series of deliberative questions for the S&J framing


  • Facilitators can ask these questions directly in a forum or use them as inspiration for their own set of questions
  • Conveners can share these questions alongside the issue guide for additional pre-reading
  • Conveners can share these questions with the issue-brief in lieu of the issue-guide to limit the number of pages people need to read to prepare for the forum

Deliberative Facilitator Cheat Sheet: editable cheat sheet for moderators to use during a forum

Recognizing and Supporting Deliberation: a series of questions that can help spur deliberation in any forum, sourced from hundreds of pages of training materials from a variety of centers for public life 

Fostering Deeper Deliberation: brief handout that discusses some of Kettering’s basic research findings on how to foster deeper deliberation 

Attach paper invite (on your organization’s letterhead) AND embed text in email
CC: the district scheduler for the Member of Congress, if available
Aim to invite district director staff to participate, Members of Congress to observe
Need help finding contact info? Email us.

Safey & Justice one-pager to share with new partner organizations or anyone new to A Public Voice and National Issues Forums